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Information during Covid-19 Period



FAQs for parents/carers about possible phased reopening of schools


 Phased Reopening - Specific Bubble Info for the bubbles lead by:

Mrs Long

Mrs Smith

Mrs Astirbadi

Miss Ackerley

Mr Martin

Mr Bryden

Miss McMaster

Mrs Pierce

Mrs Channon

Miss Albani

Mrs Day

Miss Coutinho

Miss Richards 

Miss Witt

Videos about how to access the Nursery Bubble


Nursery - how to come in


Nursery Inside

Video for coming to Mrs Long's Bubble


Video for the following Bubbles:   Mrs Day;  Miss Coutinho;  Miss Richards, Mrs Channon; Miss Albani; and Mrs Pierce  (Part 1)


Part 2



Video for arrangements for the following Bubbles:  Miss McMaster; Mr Bryden; Mr Thomas; Mrs Smith; Miss Ackerley; Mrs Astirbadi and Miss Witt