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Pupil Voice @ FeatherbY


Because, when we listen to children, we learn

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When asked (November 2019): 

  • Nearly 95% of children at Featherby felt safe in school
  • Nearly 95% of children were aware of who to talk to in school if they didn’t feel safe or happy
  • Over 95% of the children felt that the adults in school cared about them and how they felt
  • 93% of the children in school enjoyed their learning and the topics they covered in class

However high those figures are, we strive to reach 100% in all these measures and so we are continuing to learn from the children’s suggestions and ideas.

We asked the children what made them happy in school, and this is what they told us: 


    We can speak about our feelings and not get

      laughed at because of our feelings


      There are more fun things going on


      The staff taking care of us


      That I have a lot of friends    


      My new teacher is so nice and caring   


      Because people are nice to me


      That our classes were mixed to make new friends


      I like maths, I also loved the Maritime Expo because I liked learning about marine, debris and animals

….but of course you can ask the pupils yourself, when you visit us……….