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Here's where you'll see the latest updates, photos and news of our trip to pgl, marchants hill


Residential part 1


We're on our way and more than a little bit excited



Monday evening update:  Children have had a great time, they have conquered the giant swing, everybody has tried it and pushed themselves out of their comfort zone. We have some true ‘merry men of Nottingham’ with many targets being hit during a competitive archery session, all have eaten a hearty meal and are now running off some energy in the gym. 

photos a.pdf

 Tuesday morning update:  Not a lot of sleep was had on the first night, clearly we didn’t wear them out enough!
All children have eaten a hearty breakfast, they were spoilt for choice between cereals, fruit, full English and toast, just what they need for a full day of activities today.
Some children have gone into survival mode (some adults as well! 😂) and had to built shelter for the different elements before making a fire, the traditional way. Everyone was successful. Whilst others were learning about survival in a different way in the rifle range, they were absolutely absorbed in the activity

photos b.pdf


Tuesday mid-afternoon update:  The afternoon has got off to another fun packed session of activities. The lunch was impressive, so too were the childrens selection of salads with their pizza and chips, I’m not sure why parents were worried that the children wouldn’t eat, amorning outside in the woods with back to back activities and a chef who cooks really tasty food has given all the children a good appetite. The afternoon began with a hide and seek game, with a twist, don’t worry, we found all the children! This was followed up with zip wire activities and abseiling. It has been fantastic how many children have conquered their fears and had ago, they all feel as though they have achieved. You will also be pleased to know that following room inspections, the children are really looking after their belongings and each other. It really has been a great day! 


Photos from Tuesday