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Breakfast Club

We offer membership to three different timings/prices of arrival for the start of the day.  Breakfast club is extremely popular and, from time to time, we have to operate a waiting list - as it's critical we operate safely with an adult to child ratio that ensures the most positive experience for the children in the mornings.  If you would like to discuss the options available please contact the school office in the first instance.

  • We have Breakfast club provisions,  starting from 7:30, 7:45 or 8:00 am
  • The charge for a place for 7.30am is £4.50 per child per day
  • The charge for a place for 7.45am is £4 per child per day
  • The charge for a place for 8am is £3.50 per child per day
  • The club is run in the Grey Room in the Junior School Building.  Access is from the main entrance on Chilham Road and we ask that children are escorted to the front door the building by an adult, for their safety.
  • Payments for Breakfast Club must be made via the MCAS app (or via tax-free childcare options, by agreement - please speak to our admin manager)
  • Children are offered a range of breakfast foods, including a variety of cereals, bagels, toast and toppings, fruit and yoghurts
  • If you wish to join the waiting list in our Breakfast Club, please contact the school office in the first instance on 01634 231984 
  • Staff provide a range of activities and games during the session, helping children to build friendships across the different ages and fostering confidence in all the children who attend the activity


We ask all parents/carers who are taking up a place to complete our digital contract, which can be found here for your information (these forms are for your information only, and completing it does not guarantee a place - we would ask you to contact our admin manager in the first instance):

          7.30am Club Digital Contract            7.45am Club Digital Contract

8.00am Club Digital Contract


What do our parents think about the provision? 

"Fantastic staff who provide excellent care at such good value. Staff have always taken care of my children and ensured my daughters dietary requirements are met at all times. My son recently had a foot injury outside of school and the staff went above and beyond to make sure he was safe at breakfast club, walking him to his class separately so that he would not be hurt on route. My kids are happy in their care and well looked after so could not ask for more"

Parent feedback 

What about the children who come to Breakfast Club - what do they think about it?


"What I love about breakfast club is that their games are great and they have a lovely spread of games such as: drawing, Lego, football and hockey table and much more.  The breakfast club staff are wonderful and are so helpful, kind and generous.  Every there is thoughtful of others and we all care for each other"                         Year 5 student 


"I like breakfast club because it's really fun"              Year 2 student


"I like breakfast club because I like the awesome toys and I like to play with my friends.  Also it wakes me up so I'm not sleepy in class"        Year 5 student


"I like it because the food is nice and some of my friends go there"        Year 4 student


We hope to see your child for breakfast soon!