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Vision & Values

Learning together to inspire minds through inclusive
and creative practice - aspirations are high for all

We achieve our vision through a commitment to working in partnership across the Featherby schools, collaboration across Maritime and engagement with other agencies and parents.

We believe that no matter what a child’s starting point may be, they have the potential to achieve and succeed. We achieve this through our curriculum, approach to learning and through developing best practice through partnership. Our thematic curriculum develops  children’s skills and knowledge to ensure we equip them for the challenges of life; ensuring they leave us ready for the next stage of their educational journey as 21st Century learners and citizens. Our approach to learning is centred around cognitive science and developing webs of knowledge. 

We believe in encouraging independent and resilient learners who have the ability to work collaboratively, embracing known pedagogy, whilst developing new models for learning using the latest technologies and approaches. We actively equip our children with cognitive strategies and functional skills which are proven to support knowledge retention and to develop our children’s webs of knowledge.  Our children will take ownership of metacognition adopting the best strategies for them. This will support self-regulation - they will choose the strategies which work for them.

Skills will remain with us forever ensuring we are confident, curious, and resilient learners – proud of who we are and optimistic about what we will achieve, holding high aspirations of ourselves. Ensuring we are ready for the next stage of learning and the 21st Century. 

Our Values

We are a values led school and our values underpin everything we do.

Our values have been selected by teachers and children to ensure we have a collective understanding and belief in them. We regular celebrate our values and how children embody these in our Special Mentions Assemblies. We are all part of team Featherby by having shared values we support and nurture each other. 


  • Unity is togetherness
  • Unity is collective strength and harmony
  • Unity is personal commitment


  • Trust is having faith and believe in others
  • Trust is being able to rely on others
  • Trust is being honest and truthful


  • Responsibility is being fair
  • Responsibility is doing my share of the work
  • Responsibility is taking care of myself and others


  • Respect is knowing I am unique and valuable
  • Respect is liking who I am
  • Respect is listening to others


  • Resilience is finding things tough and keep trying
  • Resilience is bouncing back after challenge
  • Resilience is learning from difficulties and developing skills to overcome these


  • Aspiration is hope or ambition
  • Aspiration is a goal in life, in school, in yourself
  • Aspiration is something to word towards in your future


Together, as part of Team Featherby,
we achieve more!