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2017/18 Pupil Premium - Impact


Pupil Premium Impact in Infant School - 2017/18





1st class@number

Is an interactive programme which children complete over the course of ten weeks, in groups of four-six children. The improvements are measured in months and years

Children have a more positive approach to mathematics in the classroom environment. Progress range this year has been six months to twenty-six months. Staff have an increased confidence with the intervention.



Social, emotional, sensory circuits and handwriting groups. These groups commence at the beginning of the morning and afternoon sessions.


Children are calmer at the start of the morning and afternoon session in a good frame of mind for learning.


Outside Agencies including Speech/language  and OT  =  50 days                                                       


Children with specific needs are catered for during the school day and their learning supported by outside agencies and staff. Specific targets help to support their development and ensure appropriate support in the classroom.


£17, 721

IPC topic  package  and training


Children have an exciting practical curriculum, which can be adapted for all abilities. Children have shown deeper engagement in their learning



Precision Teaching                                              



Small group work has enabled children to close any gaps they may have in their learning.



Staff Training                                                     



Staff have received training in supporting learners with additional needs. There has been training purchased for new interventions, development of the Inclusion team and Mastery maths training.


£13, 115

Specialised Resources                                                         



Resources are vital for specific children to progress in their learning both in school and at home. This included resources to support fine and gross motor skills, handwriting and physical mobility.







Extra activities (choir/sports/recorders)            




Children have had a wider curriculum experience developing skills in the Foundation subjects.



£1, 139

Uniform and School trip discount                                              



Children were able to access more curriculum events and experiences widening their life experiences. Vulnerable families were supported to ensure that children had adequate access to the curriculum.





Total £57,420.00




Pupil Premium Impact in Junior School 2017/18


Action/ Intervention



After school tutor

Children’s confidence increased in reading, writing and maths enabling their gaps to be closed in these areas




Intervention support delivered by teachers or highly trained Learning Support Assistants, either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups.


Staff were able to identify next steps in children’s learning and plan sessions to close the gap within key areas. Children were supported to close the gap between PP and non PP children


Phonics intervention                                                       


Staff identified children who would benefit from a phonics intervention and were able to focus on the application of phonics into writing.



Assisted breakfast club or after school club supporting healthy eating, social development and attendance

Vulnerable children were able to start their day with a healthy breakfast; encouraging sustained attention and focus. Children benefited from developing social skills at mealtimes and through activities in the clubs.



Social group intervention



Children developed their social skills to support them in the classroom and at key transition times.



Booster classes



Staff have received training in supporting learners with additional needs. There has been training purchased for new interventions, development of the Inclusion team and Mastery maths training. Teachers were able to focus on the gaps in children’s learning and plan sessions to address knowledge gaps.



Maths No Problem



Staff training improved knowledge of the Mastery approach and developed critical thinking, fluency and reasoning skills in maths.







Art therapy and counselling            





Children received specialist support and counselling for social, emotional and mental health difficulties.








Children were able to access specialist assessments for speech and recommended programmes. School staff were then able to deliver targeted interventions to the children